Episode 12 – The Drake Beef Origin Story

Glory Sugar takes over the show again, and this time, she brings my boyfriend, Mr. Conway West!

Learn why Glory has a longstanding feud with Drake, what it’s like dating me, and all kinds of other weird insider stuff with improvised music!

We also do “Bruce’s Corner” with everyone’s favorite chug, and I close with my original pop song, “Stab Myself In the Eye”– don’t really stab yourself; it’s a metaphor! 😉

Here’s my referral link for Inbox Dollars so we can all make a little extra cash on the side while taking surveys in our pajamas while watching “Criminal Minds”: https://www.inboxdollars.com/r/1394612845/7

Thanks for watching!



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Author: Mary Pascoe

Mary Gets It!

42 thoughts on “Episode 12 – The Drake Beef Origin Story”

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