Episode 10 – The Rocker Schmonn Dude

Ryan is moving in with me, so Mizz Puttanesca Divine is here to give me some interior decorating tips!

Surprise, she brought her boyfriend, The Rocker Schmonn! He’s a huge c’leb, and he’s stoked to rock for us on guitar.

We also talk about “Saturday Night Live” with Kanye West, and how I want to be a cast member someday, and then I sing “Come Home” for you. 🙂

Here’s my referral link for Inbox Dollars: https://www.inboxdollars.com/r/1394612845/7

Thanks for watching!



Author: Mary Pascoe

Mary Gets It!

44 thoughts on “Episode 10 – The Rocker Schmonn Dude”

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