If you're in the Los Angeles area, you might catch me
playing on the Third Street Promenade in Santa
Monica, California!! I post on my Twitter
when I'm wearing my street performer hat! Hope to see some
of you out there, taking in the fresh open air and enjoying
a few great melodies with me!! Always free and fun!! :)

Thymele Arts Improv, y'all!!

iOWest Improv Hollywood!! Come see Do You Breathe
at Stormchaser's show with The Foremen!!!

Improv Comedy! Do You Breathe plays again!
Many thanks to Destroy All Monsters for having us!!

Do You Breathe? - Our inagural performance!!
Come see lots of cool improv!
The Foremen Present Tiny Butts,
Monday Company, themselves, and us!

Crispy Comedy Show in NoHo!!

Concert Dates!

Playing music for a full hour! FREE!
Big thanks to Valley Jesus and Adam Feuerberg for having me!!

Come support this amazing show curated by Maral Adams!

Feelin' super excited to be back at The Crispy Comedy Show!!
Always amazing and totally free!

Freak Show! Doing Comedy Music at this
awesome show on June 3rd at 8:00 PM!!

Comedy Show! The Word! YESSSS!

Comedy Music Time!

My next show is March 20th at 9:45!
It's The Crispy Comedy Show at Universal Bar & Grill!

Mary Pascoe shot by Jeff Gottlieb

iO West Stage! Improv! Me! Hehee. :)

Comedy for Kira! Turbo Tuesdays!

iO West Improv Comedy! Come see Keep Jeff Out,
Tiny Butts, and, of course, The Foremen! :)

Crispy Comedy Show!
Thanks for having me, Chris!

iO West Improv Comedy! Wheely Bloody's first show ever!
Come see me act a fool! Huge thanks to Mike Holley and the rest of
The Foremen for having us!!!!

Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank! Come see great comedians
at this Women4Applause Event where I have the honor of being
the Feature! Woohoo!!! Big thanks to Denise Vasquez for having me!

The Comedy Store is one of my favorite places in the entire world.
I feel so happy to be asked back by the lovely Camille Solari
and outrageously funny Adam Barnhardt. Can't wait!

Turbo Tuesdays is one of the wildest shows in town, and I
ALWAYS have a blast on it! Let's get crazy, my fellow weirdos!

Flappers Burbank Comedy Club TONIGHT at 9:30!
Comedian Michelle Evans has asked me back &
I'm so thrilled! Keenen Ivory Wayans dropped in
on our last show there... always surprises & fun!

Paragon in Northridge with Billy Batz on
Wednesday, February 11th. Come laugh with us!

Unapologetically Absurd is BACK at Universal Bar & Grill!
Hang with these cool dudes and get hugs 'n' stuff. :)

Unapologetically Absurd at Universal Bar & Grill:
Kira's Big Birthday Bash! Free admission!
Come enjoy some of our favorite comics. :)

Malia Sias and Matt Kerr join #SuperRocking2sdaeBae!
It's gonna be AWESOME! Can't wait to see you. :)

Rene Santos joins us for #SuperRocking2sdaeBae!!
I'm so thrilled to have her! She is amazing!
See you all there! It's still FREE!!! :D

Sheri Pedigo at #SuperRocking2sdaeBae!!

Springbok Comedy with Mr. Billy Batz!
I'm so honored to be on this show & hope to see y'all there!
Unleashing some awesome new material!!

Rhune Kincaid and Mary Pascoe-- what a combo! Universal Bar & Grill.
And, of course, the beautiful Kellie Anne rocks the bar!
See you August 26th at 8:00!

Denise Vasquez joins me at #SuperRocking2sdaeBae!
Come see us for free at Universal Bar & Grill. :)

Universal Bar and Grill Residency! North Hollywood, my damie! FREE!

The Comedy Store! Vargus Mason is bringing me BACK!
This is my FAVORITE venue in the whole wide world!
I'd love to have you all there. :)
Wednesday, July 9th at 8:00 PM.

#SuperRocking2sdaeBae! Vonnie joins us!
Our Summer Concert Series is ROCKIN' Universal Bar and Grill!
Tuesday, July 8th at 8:00 PM-- FREE and AWESOME!

The Comedy Store!!! Vargus Mason is bringing me up in the Belly Room!
I'm SO excited! Come on out!!

Niantic joins #SuperRocking2sdaeBae!! Universal Bar and Grill
Tuesday, June 24th at 8:00 PM-- totally FREE!!

Universal Bar & Grill in North Hollywood hosts
#SuperRocking2sdaeBae!! Jonathan Zadok opens the show at 8:00PM,
then I jump on at 9:00PM to entertain you for a whole hour.

It's totally FREE!!!
See you there!

Universal Bar & Grill Concert with Jonathan Zadok!
Totally free! Come enjoy the music, comedy, and many friends!!

Stand-up Comedy at Liquid Zoo: Revenge of the Night of 100 Comics!!

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Elixir Variety Show

8:30 PM
Skinny's Lounge in NoHo


Archived Tour Dates (in case you are curious)