Freak Show! Doing Comedy Music at this
awesome show on June 3rd at 8:00 PM!!

Comedy Show! The Word! YESSSS!

Here's my brand new Dance Reel!

Dancer Mary Pascoe! Dance Reel 2017

Crispy Comedy Show! Wahoo!

My latest character, Sonjah Stapleton, is a NYC Socialite
ready to give you tips on dating, leading a fab lifestyle,
and pretty much every other topic out there!

Dating Tips by Sonjah Stapleton

Lifestyle Tip of the Day by Sonjah Stapleton

Dallas Daze Takes LA!

Bachelor Winner?
Nah, but she's basically Lucy!

Improv Comedy Music! Live at The Crispy Comedy Show!
I'm back at Crispy Comedy on March 20th!

"Million Reasons" Lady Gaga Cover

My latest character, Miss Dallas Daze!
She may not have been a big "The Bachelor" Winner,
but she's a STAR!

Character Actor Mary Pascoe as Dallas Daze from "The Bachelor"

"The Bachelor" has lots of stars... here's Dallas Daze!

Improvised Song! Manifestation, The Secret, Etc.

I like improvising music. :)

"Life with Alma!" Episode 4

My next show is March 20th at 9:45!
It's The Crispy Comedy Show at Universal Bar & Grill!

Mary Pascoe shot by Jeff Gottlieb

Mary Pascoe Musician Demo Reel! Flappers Comedy Club Main Stage and More.

Mary Pascoe shot by Jeff Gottlieb of Hollywood and Me!

Mary Pascoe's new song! "Without You"!

My latest character, Alma Mutter,
has a brand new show on Bravo!
Check out the first 3 episodes below!!

Bravo's "Life with Alma" Episode 1

Bravo's "Life with Alma" Episode 2

Bravo's "Life with Alma" Episode 3

Black Eyed Pease "Just Can't Get Enough"
Acoustic Guitar Cover :)

Choose Love! And ukuleles! :)

Mary Pascoe shot by Jeff Gottlieb of Hollywood and Me!

Mary Pascoe's next single will be "Don't You"!
Here's a video!

Mary Pascoe's Original Song called "Well-Disguised"!

iO West Stage! Me! Hehee. :)

Improv Comedy in Hollywood, baby! ;)

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